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SMF - Just Installed!

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 on: Today at 06:00:46 PM 
Started by macaroni - Last post by macaroni
Wow! Great information; thanks! Yes, I use spinning gear. It's funny; I never thought of putting line on the same direction it comes off. Makes a lot of sense. I will do the warm water trick also. I think I'm going to spool one real with braid just for use with Shadow Raps and spoons. Thanks again, guys!


 on: Today at 04:21:16 PM 
Started by macaroni - Last post by Neebo
All of that.  Agree 100%.  That said, I use 100% flouro on my ultralight stuff.  I was just sent some 4lb hitena flouro to try out once I heal so hopefully I can do so sooner than later.  I only use mono for catfish leaders.  I don't care if it has memory when I am throwing out a chunk of liver and a half ounce weight.  It will straighten.

 on: October 16, 2018, 11:15:14 PM 
Started by macaroni - Last post by alleymad
I assume youíre using spinning gear...

I attach It to my line with just a snap and donít have issues with line twist at all. 

This has not always been the case.  I used to go through mono like crazy just because It would start twisting and I would pull It all off and replace It just to get rid of the twist.

First thing I did was poke around on the internet and discover that there are a few things you can do when spoiling the reel that will help prevent twist.  First, you have to make sure that the line is going on the reel in the same way It is coming off the spool.  Second, if youíre using mono, put the entire spool in a sink full of warm water before putting It on the reel - gets rid of the memory.

Third - donít use mono.  I use 15 or 20 pound braid exclusively.  If fish get shy, use a length of fluorocarbon leader.  My experience is that even if I get a little twist with the braid, It is limited to the first 10 feet or so of line and doesnít seem to create the loop on the reel where line from further in the reel spool is coming off before It should (most common reason I had for replacing mono as I would often be stripping 20-30 yards of line off to get rid of the mess). 

My size 35 President is a little over-full with a 150 yard spool of Power Pro 20 pound braid and about perfect with 150 yards of the 15 pound.  Itís $20 for a spool and I can use It for a couple of months if I take the time to put my spare spool on the reel and pull the line from one spool to the other.  On my size 25 Okuma reel I drop down to the 10 pound Power Pro which is really very tiny diameter like 4 pound or something.  Again, 150 yards fills It.

Pros for the braid:

Better casting (just donít try to act like Hercules and throw It as hard as you can - use the flex of the rod to launch It as opposed to your entire body, because a huge entire body heave can cause issues with the eye at the end of the rod if the line gets wrapped around It (as in the braid can break the rod tip with a half ounce lure attached to It)

Better abrasion resistance.  Pike will still cut It.  Not as often though.  Rocks will mar It up, but nicks will generally not cause It to fail unless you completely ignore them.  If thereís a strand coming apart, just re tie.

Superior sensitivity.  The walleye I am catching are finicky biters for the most part.  Sure they will sometimes nail It, but more often than not all I get is a quick ďtapĒ - if you want to know what It feels like, hit your rod just up in front of the handle with one finger using the same force you use to type on a keyboard - if your hit would kill a spider, thatís harder than the tap the fish will produce.  You simply cannot feel most of those with mono.

Does not break in snags.  I now carry around size 6 and size 8 treble hooks at all times as these are the two most common sizes on the baits I use.  80% of the time if I get snagged I can either straighten out or break the hook before the line breaks.  20% of the time either the knot will break or the lure itself will break (I have broken the lip off of more than a few crank baits on a certain snag where I fish).

Now if you do get snagged, donít cut the line.  Either hold the spool and pull straight back or take your pliers and wrap around the line and pull the line with the pliers.  Donít pull It with your hand because It will slice you. Be careful because if you pull just with your reel It can bend or break the bail arm.

I only use a swivel if I am using bait (under a bobber or down from a sinker) or throwing in line spinners. 

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 on: October 16, 2018, 07:19:32 PM 
Started by macaroni - Last post by macaroni
Hey guys, I'm thinking of giving the Shadow Rap another try, but I didn't like the bit of line twist that I got the last time. Do you have any tips for preventing this? Would I get fewer hits if I attached it to a ball bearing swivel? Do those even help? Thanks for the tips.


 on: October 15, 2018, 10:24:01 PM 
Started by macaroni - Last post by macaroni
Thanks for the encouragement! Besides, I'll be catching panfish through the ice all winter. I want to go for bass while I can.

 on: October 15, 2018, 10:11:06 PM 
Started by macaroni - Last post by alleymad
Smallmouth will be active.  They were eating off the surface Sunday.

These fish are gorging right now on minnows.  Biggest thing moving forward is that when the minnows start getting stressed from the cooler water they will slow down.  That is when the other jerkbaits fall aside and that Shadow Rap re-emerges as the bait that does all of the catching. 

This fish was caught in December:

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 on: October 15, 2018, 10:11:19 AM 
Started by macaroni - Last post by macaroni
Killing it? That's an understatement! I'd like your opinion on something, Alleymad: with temps in the 40s this week, do you think the water will be warm enough for smallmouth to remain active? That's what I want to target in the Huron, but don't want to waste my time. Thanks in advance for your reply.

 on: October 14, 2018, 10:55:51 PM 
Started by macaroni - Last post by alleymad
Killing walleye and pike.

Thereís more but I forgot where I was at so....

Everything has been on a crankbait of one type or another.  X-Rap, Shad Rap, and Shadow Rap are all working for me.  Iím kind of pulsing It through the water and then dead sticking with the current and just barely reeling to pick up the slack.

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 on: October 14, 2018, 09:20:57 PM 
Started by macaroni - Last post by macaroni
Fished a small lake from 4-6:15 tonight, where I've caught my best bluegills since I moved here two years ago. I used the Wooly Bugger exclusively because I have a ways to walk in and wanted to pack light. Not a great bite, but I landed three crappies from 8 1/2-11" and three bluegills from 8-8 3/4". I'd estimate the water temp to be about 60.

This weekend I might try the Huron for smallmouth. Any river action for any of you lately?


 on: October 10, 2018, 09:32:09 AM 
Started by macaroni - Last post by Neebo
You're making me jealous.  Glad you got into some fish!

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