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Tippy Dam Pond Fishing-Maps-Fish Species-Depth-Size-Boat Access

Tippy Dam Pond

FishMich Info

Catfish .'
'. Largemouth Bass .'
'. Northern Pike .'
'. Panfish .'
'. SmallMouth Bass .'
'. Trout .'
'. Walleye .'
'.Yellow Perch

Lake Size-1,220 acres

Depth-max. 50 ft.

Boat Access-3 ramps

All Sports Lake-No

Public Beach-

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Along the shore of Tippy Dam

Mana-Pine Camp Marina

Another View of Tippy Dam Pond

Loomis Landing on the backwaters where the Pine enters Tippy Pond.

Lots of room for everyone and many coves to fish.

Norman Township Boat Launch onto the backwaters.

Boat Access:
All Sports:
Public Beach:
Fish Species: Perch Pumkinseed Rock Bass

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Tippy Dam Pond Size: Approximate Acres

Tippy Dam Pond Depth: Approximate Maximum

Tippy Dam Pond Boat Access: Yes No

Tippy Dam Pond All Sports: Yes No

Tippy Dam Pond Public Beach: Yes No

Tippy Dam Pond Fish Species: Atlantic Salmon Bluegill Bowfin Brook Trout Brown Trout Burbot Carp Catfish Coho
Crappie Freshwater Drum King Salmon Lake Herring Lake Trout Whitefish Largemouth Bass Muskellunge Northern Pike
Smelt Perch Pumpkinseed Rainbow Trout Rock Bass Smallmouth Bass Steelhead
Sturgeon Walleye
White Bass White Perch

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