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FishMich Online Fishing Competition
May 15th-May 31st
All Species
$15 Entry Fee
Prize Sponsors

1-10 Entries
1st- 50%

11-25 Entries
1st- 50%
2nd- 20%

26-50 Entries
1st-4th Free Entry in Next Competition +
1st- 50%
2nd- 20%
3rd- 10%
4th- 5%

51-100 Entries
1st-6th Free Entry in Next Competition +
1st- 50%
2nd- 20%
3rd- 10%
4th- 5%
5th- Entry Fee Refund
6th- Entry Fee Refund

101+ Entries
1st-8th Free Entry in Next Competition +
1st- 50%
2nd- 20%
3rd- 10%
4th- 5%
5th- Entry Fee Refund
6th- Entry Fee Refund
Raffle Prizes
2- $50 Gift Cards Jay's Sporting Goods
(separate prizes)

2- Fishy Tweaks

6 Ski's Spinners

Power Team Lures Custom 3.5" Food Chain Tube/3.5"Craw D'Oeuvre Combo Kit
1. Entry Fee is $15 for FishMich members and $20 for non-members.
Each Entry is entered in raffle for prizes donated by sponsors.
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2. All entrants must register by 11:59 pm on May 14th 2014.

3. All entrants will receive an email by 12:01am on May 15th 2014 with a secret password for entering a fish.

4. Any legal fish taken in Michigan waters open to the public and caught by legal methods may be entered.

5. Multiple entries welcome. Largest fish will be entered.

6. All entries of fish must be submitted to FishMich.com by 12:00pm noon on May 31st 2014.

7. Winners are based on the length of the fish caught divided by the MDNR Master Angler Award Minimum Length for that particular species. Highest percentage wins. In the event of a tie, first fish entered will be the winner. See lengths at left side of page.

8. Fish measurements are taken to nearest 1/8".

9. To enter a fish email info@fishmich.com or fill out the form on this page. Include length, fish species, 1 picture of the fish and the entrant together, 1 picture of the fish being measured with the password and measurement visible and one close up picture of the measurement.

10. Pictures of fish must be in a natural environment. (Where it was caught. Not in a garage, parking lot, etc.)

11. Any entry that does not completely follow the rules or provide clear measurements and pictures will be disqualified.

12. Fish measurement must be taken while fish is lying on a flat surface and measured in a straight manner. (not along the arch of the fish). Fish measurement picture must display fish on top of measuring device with both ends visible. Measurement must be taken with a rigid measuring device (non-flexible) that is not home-made or hand written and taken from tip of nose or lower jaw to end of fishes tail when pinched to form a point.

13. FishMich is the overall judge and all results are final. FishMich is not responsible for any unlawful take or methods of fishing.
We are looking for sponsors for this competition to provide Prize Giveaways.
If you have any questions about the competition rules or would like sponsorship information please email info@fishmich.com

Length of Species

Largemouth Bass-22"
Rock Bass-11.5"
Smallmouth Bass-21"
White Bass-16"
Bigmouth Buffalo-32"
Black Buffalo-26"
Black Bullhead-14"
Brown Bullhead-14"
Yellow Bullhead-14"
Quillback Carpsucker-19"
Channel Catfish-29"
Flathead Catfish-29"
Cisco (Lake Herring)-16"
Black Crappie-14"
White Crappie-14"
Freshwater Drum-25"
Gizzard Shad-16"
Lake Sturgeon-50"
Longnose Gar-32"
Great Lks. Muskellunge-42"
Northern Muskellunge-42"
Tiger Muskellunge-42"
Northern Pike-40"
White Perch-10"
Yellow Perch-14"
Atlantic Salmon-32"
Chinook Salmon-39"
Coho Salmon-31"
Pink Salmon-21"
Longnose Sucker-17"
N. Hog Sucker-13"
Redhorse Sucker-22"
White Sucker-20"
Green Sunfish-9"
Hybrid Sunfish-10"
Pumpkinseed Sunfish-9"
Redear Sunfish-10"
Warmouth Sunfish-9"
Brook Trout-15"
Brown Trout-32"
Lake Trout-34"
Rainbow Trout- (Steelhead)-32"
Lake Whitefish-23"


Entry #1- 22" walleye
MDNR Mas. Ang. Min. Length is 29" so 22"/29"=75.862%

Entry #2- 13" brook trout
MDNR Mas. Ang. Min. Length is 15" so 13"/15"= 86.667%

Entry #3- 19" largemouth bass
MDNR Mas. Ang. Min. Length is 22" so 19"/22"=86.363%

Entry #4- 31" northern pike
MDNR Mas. Ang. Min. Length is 40" so 31"/40"=77.5%

1st=brook trout
2nd=largemouth bass
3rd= northern pike
4th= walleye

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